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Author Topic: Binding/Linking HTML Table Element within a Form to the database table (.dbf)  (Read 934 times)

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Ally Mort

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Hi everyone!

I'm Billy. I've posted a short introduction about myself in the Introduction section.Please see it.

Here's my problem:

We are building a desktop application using Alpha 5 v12. I created a Form and linked it to a table(.dbf). Within the Form I've embedded an HTML using the Toolbox->Supercontrols->HTML Form. The content of the HTML is a code generated automatically by a software called XVL Webmaster of Lattice Tech Co..The code embeds an XVL Player which displays a 3D model and a table of the names of the 3D models to be displayed. The code behaves such as that when you click the name of the model the 3D will be shown or highlighted.

Now the table(.dbf) contains the names and all other informations about the 3D model and I would like to update it within  the embedded HTML. What I want to do specifically is that when I click the name of the model in the HTML, I would like Alpha to automatically look for the name in the table(.dbf) so that I can update the corresponding record. Meaning when I click the name,I would like to see it's 3D model and at the same time I can update it's corresponding record in the database table(.dbf).

I believe it's being done using Javasript and Xbasic but sadly I have little knowledge of both. :-[. I've tried searching the web and found some scripts that get the value of the name in HTML table but I don't know how to code the "query to the table(.dbf) which will look for the name of the record which I have clicked".

I hope my english and explanation is understandable. ;D

Anybody who can help me?


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Your English is fine. But your explanation is a little confusing.

So you have an embedded HTML in your form.
It displays something?
You click on something within the HTML.
You already have the code to get the reference embedded in the HTML?
You need the query or find code to retrieve a corresponding record.

Is my understanding correct?

Show us the code you use to get the reference embedded from the HTML.
Where is the lookup table that holds the data you want located relative to your form - in the form? Not open?
P.S. PM me you email and I'll try to get you on the Alpha message board.

Ally Mort

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Hi Peter,

Thank you for your reply and I apologize if I haven't explained it well.
Yes it displays something, the XVL Player which displays a 3D model(actually two viewing area,smaller and larger view) and the table of the names of the 3D(and also other infos about the 3D). Those are the contents of the HTML. The HTML works such as that when I clicked the name on the table, the 3D model that corresponds to it will be shown.

Yes I would like to retrieve the name I clicked in the HTML table then look for it's corresponding record on my database table(.dbf).

My goal is that when I clicked the name in the HTML table,it doesn't only show the 3D but also look for its corresponding record in the database table(.dbf).

Actually there's no physical connection between my HTML table and my database table but their contents are the same(i mean the records). So I need a code to get the name i clicked in my HTML table and look for its similar record in my database table.

And yes I put the HTML contents inside a Form which is based on my database table. I've done it using Toolbox->Supercontrols->HTML Form.

There are actually 3 other HTMLs referenced by the HTML I have been mentioning. One for the table and the other two for the larger and smaller viewing area.  I have attached them for your reference.

steering wo emblem.html --> the main html
steering wo emblem_xvl.html --> the larger view
steering wo emblem_xvlp.html --> the smaller view
steering wo emblem_table.html --> the table

By the way, you cannot run fully them because you need an XVL Player installed in your PC and the XVL file referenced in the HTML.I cannot upload them since they are too large to be uploaded here. If you want I can e-mail them to you.

Ally Mort

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By the way, I've already made contact to the Alpha message board and they've already accepted my registration.

I have also posted the same issue there and I'm still open to help and suggestions here.

Here's the link to my post in Alpha message board.

I have posted there pictures of how the working HTML looks. I cannot upload them here since they exceed the maximum file size allowed here.


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I answered as best i could on the Alpha board. Not sure how much help it will be to you.

Good luck!

Ally Mort

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Hi Peter,

I've seen it already.
Thanks a lot.
I will post the update sometime later.