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Alpha Licensing changes
« on: September 08, 2016, 01:58:44 PM »
<< From Selwyn

I think the real issue here is that we expect customers to have a valid subscription at all times.

For historical reasons, the legacy customer base (i.e. customers who were v11 users before V12 came out) have a special type of subscription that allows them to continue using the product after their subscription end (but limits them to the last official build that was available at the time their subscription ran out)

we no longer sell these types of subscriptions anymore.

we only sell 'true' subscriptions which means you must have a valid subscription at all times in order to use Alpha Anywhere.

Clarification by Lenny:
Selwyn's explanation of licensing was already posted in this thread. I cannot comment further on license offerings or policies, but I can attempt to clarify his statement.

Alpha Five Version 11 and prior licenses are all perpetual licenses. If you own one of these licenses, you may use that software indefinitely.

Alpha Anywhere (V12) is subscription based and the subscriptions have had 2 different models:
Initial Alpha Anywhere subscriptions included a perpetual license that allowed indefinite use of the software, up to the last official release available when the subscription expires. If the subscription expires and the software is newer than the latest official release available on the expiration date, the software will not work. This can be resolved by applying an older patch.
Current Alpha Anywhere subscriptions do NOT include a perpetual license. When the subscription expires, you will be unable to use the software. This is the only type of subscription that is currently offered. Your data is yours and will not be locked or blocked in any way, but you will not be able to use Alpha Anywhere to access it.

The second type of subscription (without a perpetual license) is the only subscription currently being offered by Alpha Software. All new subscribers will have this type of subscription.

If you do not know which type of subscription you have, you can contact your sales rep directly or email sales @ Similarly, contact sales if this explanation is still unclear, or if you are interested in some type of custom license offering.

Quote Originally Posted by lgrupido  View Post
While you are at it - a proposal for how to handle subscriptions that expire on dates and/or times someone from Alpha is not available to renew a subscription (or maybe a link to a site where we could make a renewal online) would also be appropriate. I can recommend a software product that would make such an online payment quite easy.
Regarding the ability to renew at any time, this is something that is in process. There will be an online portal where you can view your existing subscriptions and renew them directly. Taking the online payment is the easy part, what is missing is the integration with the licensing system to allow the payment to immediately extend a subscription. Unfortunately there is no firm ETA for the roll-out of this.

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