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$1499.00 for the Pro version I believe. It was a link to the pricing page.
General Discussion / Re: Version 11 activation
« Last post by Allen Klimeck on January 18, 2016, 01:16:15 PM »
Lenny fixed the server.

Thanks for sharing! Did mr Porter mention a price ?
Received email Jan 12, 2016

Richard (Derksen) could you please save the cut-off email in PDF format, depersonalize it & attach it to a message here. I think that would be helpful.
Exactly; if you bought AA in the past you are considered a charter member. There's no room for misinterpretation. To me it seemed back then that they were sort of containing the existing userbase so that they could move on with a new strategy/pricing towards new customers. I thought is was great being recognized for my loyalty but that turns out to be different now. How unfortunate.
Thanks for posting the PDF on the charter member pricing Clipper. I too got the email and the first line you highlighted caught my attention.
The email was to renew at that time. (I didn't keep any documentation relating to the offer)

My subscription was not up for a few months so I decided not to renew at that time. Again I refer to the part you highlighted... since I had purchased in the past I assumed I had a charter membership. Well....the next month I got an email from Morris stating it was too bad I didn't take advantage of the charter membership offer when it was offered. Hmmmm I thought I was a charter member automatically because of past purchases and never letting my subscription expiring. Of course he had new offers for me, and then last week the infamous cut-off email. this point I can't trust anything they say and it truly worries me.

And here's the email confirming we are entitled to a free WAS. Attached.
And here's the october 2015 FAQ I could not upload on the Alpha messageboard. Attached.
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