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Author Topic: WHY THIS FORUM WAS STARTED  (Read 2498 times)

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« on: June 26, 2009, 06:41:11 PM »
This forum is operated and moderated by some of the most experienced Alpha Five developers in the world. The core groups includes 30+ of the most senior developers -- each of us dedicated to improving our technical, business and social climate. As a group of developers, we are also devoted to creating fantastic software applications.

If you are an Alpha Five user (no matter what skill level) or one of its many business stakeholders, this message board is for you.

We also have hidden areas for private conversation among peer groups. This is where we work on important initiatives and conduct long range planning. If you are a senior developer, with at least five years as an independent Alpha Five consultant, please email the admin for consideration in this peer group.

Q: Doesn't this forum overlap discussions at the main Alpha Five message board?
A: Yes, it does in some areas. But that is not the goal. We are not sure who is going to show up here and we don't yet know what they will be looking for; so we tried to cover all bases. The main Alpha Five board has tens of thousands of helpful posts and remains the overall best information source for Alpha Five developers. It is possible that this board may attract a different audience and the nature of the posts will be different, making the overlap warranted.

Our website is at
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