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Author Topic: So... how many "login" components/options do we now have in v12?  (Read 657 times)

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Application Launcher, TUI component, Login component..... options....options....options!

We have several login options in v12. Some come with the component, like the TUI, some have been developed specifically for that use.
All have in common that there is no generic documentation on the subject that explains WHY we have all of those options, and WHAT to use WHEN.
We don't even know if some can work together. Like the App launcher and the TUI component. Do they cooperate? If yes, where to put the login and why?

It seems we all have to do our own research here and decide for our own what to use when since I can't find anything on that anywhere in the standing "documentation".

What are your experiences with this? What do YOU use where?