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advice needed choosing a good RAD
« on: January 25, 2014, 09:09:22 AM »
Good Morning.
First of all, very very very sorry for my cross posting, but I haven't found the correct sub forum for such a question.
My husband and I have a little IT agency, mostly we develop projects targeted to small company, mostly crm that work in a single place with one to.. few users.
We would like to move away from Alphafive, and we were considering Wakanda, instant developer, and the community edition of servoy, that seems to be completely free.
Does someone have some advice about it? how much the similarities with alpha five?
It seems that servoy has the most stepped learning curve. what about the comparison between instant and wacanda?
I'm just harvesting advice from people that have really used them, or tried them and compared them, not marketing.
I really hope you can help,


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Re: advice needed choosing a good RAD
« Reply #1 on: January 27, 2014, 10:06:10 AM »

I think the question is how soon you are to make a change.  I've been watching the number and quality of offerings for years now waiting for the right tool to develop my oil and gas application.  I tried Alpha and was sorely disappointed.  I've been watching Wakanda, Instant Developer and just found another tool called that looks interesting.

Instant Developer has a lot of nice features and I like the fact that I am not tied to any proprietary servers or code.  I can cut the cord and take my code (Java or .net) and be on my way.  What I do not like is that it is still a little expensive considering the limits they place on classes/objects.  I think this is petty and just needs to be set to unlimited.  I also do not like that the forums are still relatively skinny in terms of users and activity - not to be discounted and ties directly in to my next problem - no video tutorials.  They offer some paid video training but in my opinion is counter productive for a service that needs to attract a larger following to gain critical mass.  I also think that their examples are childish looking and remind me of working on a Windows 98 machine - not something I'm looking forward to when considering to build and offer a business application.

Wakanda is still maturing and has another version or two before I think it will be a nice offering.  I like it because it is low cost, even though they have recurring deployment and development licenses, which the Wakanda community is actively working to change.  The Wakanda team has been pretty responsive and willing to discuss issues openly with the community - this makes me comfortable considering the Alpha Five experience. is something I just found last week and I find it interesting.  I do not know enough to say more than it exists and looks to be primary focoused on mobile and HTML5 applications. 

I also played with Caspio recently and was impressed.  It will now work for me but it might for others.  What struck me was that they underwent changes to pricing/offering model that made it more affordable and amenable to small businesses.

Bottom line, I expect (as I have been for some time now) that this space will continue to see more entrants and pricing model changes that will only benefit us as developers (even though I cant write a line of code to save my life!).  I think at some point it will be clear that the small business/independent developer is a larger and more stable market than the "big companies".

I fully expect this space to get more competitive.  My 2 cents. :)


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Re: advice needed choosing a good RAD
« Reply #2 on: January 28, 2014, 04:28:56 AM »
My dears... I approached this forum because undecided between two/three products... and now this is my pool of choices:
- Wakanda
- Instant Developer
- Servoy
- Scriptcase
- Code on time
- Windev
- CodeCharge Studio
- LiJana
- WebMaker 5
- Caspio
- KonyOne Studio
My coder (my husband indeed) is trying to check the most number he can and he is going crazy :)
At this point I think It will be a sort of act of faith, you cannot put in your daily working routine the time to try all these ones.
For what I could see, the most of you are supporting instant developer as the best choice, it has a good offer that put it's price in the same  range of other choices.
My two cents about video. They could be great help if you speak english natively, or you have a very trained ear.
Many of the alphafive videos were paired with a so strong accent that I was just able to get one sentence over three, my husband not even that.
Well organized, written documentation is the best for us, and alphafive is a mess at this, instant developer seems to be much better.