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Reload the calendar from a parent control


Steve Workings:
Anyone have any luck embedding the calendar in a UX, either as an embedded object, within an iFrame or any other method? Further, I want to use the parent UX to set some variables for the calendar, then reload the calendar to filter according to the parent-level variables.

1. What's the best method to include the calendar on a UX, and
2. How do you reload it from a parent control?


Jim Coltz:
Embedded works pretty well. With that method you have access to all the argument bindings and override settings so you can customize most everything.

If you look at the UX that is at my demo site that goes over all the options, it is doing this. (Choose the first button, "Calendar Options" after logging in.)

Here's a quick video demoing how this is layed out.

Steve Workings:
Thanks. But can this be done as an embedded object, rather than re-loading the whole UX each time? I'd like to load it once, then give the user options to change some values and get the changed calendar. In the picture here, all I really need is for the user to choose a radio button, and in the radio button's onSelect event, run something like

--- Code: ---window.child.jQuery("#gridcontainer").reload();
--- End code ---

In this example I want to change the filter on the UX so it displays records in a different GroupID.

But, as you can see, I don't even get the calendar contents and needless to say this reload() function doesn't work either.

Jim Coltz:
You can do the same thing with and embedded object inside a UX. However, the filters and such are all done server side, hence the reload. This calendar doesn't have any built in client side filtering. The DHX scheduler does have pretty robust client side filtering.

To get the refresh to work you have to know the iFrame index that has the calendar in it, and then call the reload method from there: frames[2].jQuery("#gridcontainer").reload(); That only mimics clicking the "Refresh" button on the calendar though. 

Steve Workings:
OK, thanks for the help. I'll change course here, but sticking with the calendar - enough to do without changing tools besides.


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