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Fatal error: onInitialRender event not found.


Steve Workings:
I can load the 4.5 calendar in localhost just fine.

But I need the user to be able to choose which calendar to see (filtered by GroupID) -- Husbandry, Personnel, Operational. So, I have a radio button control on a UX, and onSelect of that control I set a few session variables and then attempt to load the calendar into a div on the parent UX.

All I get is this:

Fatal error: onInitialRender event not found.

I don't find this event anywhere. What to do about this? I need some method for the users to be able to see different sets of records, and this seems like a good approach.


Jim Coltz:
The onitialrender event is in the component under server side events. 99% of the time, when you get that error, the jqcalendar.aex is not available on the server. The other 1% is caused by an error in xbasic code somewhere that is not handled.

Jim Coltz:
This video should get you close for using a UX to filter. I am using text boxes in this case but the principle is the same. You could also pass the groupids to show in as an argument but you will probably need some javascript to get the value of the radio button into the proper format. I'll try to get some time this evening to put together a sample based on a radio button.


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