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Hi Jim-

I purchased your JQ Calendar in 2013 and it has served me well in the application I used it for.  I am working on another project that needs these features and didn't know if I needed to upgrade anything (of course, I'm now using Aplpha Anywhere 4, the latest revision). 

I didn't know if you had updated any of the code to take advantage on Alpha's new features or if there will be any issues using the old UX's.  I just downloaded the program again, but it appears to be the same version as the one I used previously (4.53?).

I'd appreciate any help or guidance.


Jim Coltz:
As long as you are using the latest version, 4.541, you should be good to go with AA V4 using either the Xbasic web server or the IIS server add on.

Older versions of the calendar will not work correctly with AA V4.

You can tell what version you are running by opening the A5 project that was created when you first installed the calendar. There is a splash screen with the version number on it.

Hi Jim-

Thanks for the fast response.  I really appreciate it!  Have a great weekend.



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