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Order of All Day Events is not working


Hi Jim-

I need some help (this one "should" be easy for you).

My calendar is correctly showing several "All Day" events for each day (See Calendar2.jpg, attached). My customer really likes it.  HOWEVER, the "Red" lines are actually "Totals" for the day and I'd like them to consistently be the first line on each day.  That's the way it is on "some" days (e.g. Jun 9 in the attached file), but for the dates I've highlighted (Jun 1 and Jun 3), the red line is buried within the group. 

If you look at my table (See Calendar1.jpg, attached), you'll see that, for each day, the "00000" item is always first.

I've looked everywhere and I can't see how to specify an "order" filter for a series of All-Day events. 

Can you point me in the right direction?  If I can accomplish this, my customer will think I'm a "star".  I'd appreciate any help you can give.


Hi Jim-

Just wanted to let you know that, with some playing around, I've solved the issue I was having. 

In case your other customers can use it, here's what I did to control the order of the All Day Events:
The solution was actually quite simple: Even though they are "All Day Events", they respond to "start time" and "end time" differences.  So, what I did was to code my Table to have the "All Day Events" that I wanted to to be listed first with a Start Time of "12:00:00 AM" (and End Time of "12:00:01 AM". For the ones I wanted to appear next, I arbitrarily used a Start Time of "06:00:00 AM"... The category I wanted listed last in my list, I used a Start Time of "12:00:00 PM".

I've attached a small calendar image to show what it looks like.

It worked like a charm.  You could use times, like that, to control as many ordering categories as you need.

I hope other people will find this useful!


Jim Coltz:
Nice work Phil.


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