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More Prominent Display Of Month


I've been using JQCalendar for many years now and it is a truly indispensable add on component for my application.
The only minor thing I'd like to see is to have the month display a little more prominently on the page. We use the calendar almost exclusively in the month view mode and the actual month that you are in is sometimes difficult to find because 1. the month moves position from month to month with the first day and 2. the font is so small.

Any suggestions on how to make this a bit easier to see?

Jim Coltz:

The fonts and colors are all controlled by CSS and you can rename and edit one of the existing a5jqcalendar*.css files, located in the jqcalcss folder to your liking and then, in the properties, under "Other Calendar Options", fill in the name of the file you edited. I use firebug in Firefox to find out what css classes to edit.


Perfect ... got it!

Thanks Jim


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