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Answers/Clarification to some questions
« on: September 08, 2016, 12:55:31 PM »
Hello everyone!

I wanted to answer some questions/concerns that have come up during the IIS sessions.

Is the Alpha Anywhere Application Server for IIS still in beta?

NO. The Alpha Anywhere Application Server for IIS is no longer in beta.

If I convert my Alpha Anywhere Standard Application Server license to an Alpha Anywhere Application Server for IIS license, will my Standard server be shut down immediately?

NO. Alpha will work with you to provide you with a migration window that will give you the time you need to move your applications from the Standard server to the IIS server.

If I publish an application to the IIS server, can I publish the same application to the Standard server?

YES. You can publish to both. And PhoneGap. And Alpha Cloud.

Can I run both the IIS server and Standard server with one license?

NO. In order to run both the IIS server and Standard server, you need a separate license for each.

If you encounter any problems when trying to publish your application to IIS through Alpha's publishing utilities, tell us. Contact us at so we can help you.

You can find documentation about the IIS server in our help documentation. This documentation includes information on how to setup and configure IIS as well as how to migrate an existing Alpha Anywhere application to IIS. If you find any problems with the documentation, you can report them to the documentation team at

Finally, if any of you will be attending DevCon this year, bring your IIS questions! Terry will be available to answer any IIS questions you may have.

Thanks and good luck!