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starttime and endtime not being saved properly


Upon entry of a new record (from the detail/edit UX form, in LivePreview mode), the INSERT (MySQL) fails apparently due to missing (wrong format) data:

:jqcalendar_starttime (T) 10/22/2017 12:00:00 00 am
:jqcalendar_endtime (C) 10:37 am

1292 - 'Incorrect datetime value: '10:37 am' for column 'EndTime' at row 1'

Where the DATE portion does exist, the TIME seems to be getting submitted as the DATE, and the time is always 12:00:00 00 am regardless of setting in the form.  Why is the datatype showing T on starttime, but C on endtime?

This is quite confusing.

Often, the Date portion is missing altogether (although the time is then properly submitted as the time).

The jqcalendar.aex file is dated 8/31/2015

Jim Coltz:
It sounds like the data binding for the UX is not set up correctly. Please verify your mapping. Note that the mapping is dependent on whether your back-end is using separate date and time columns or date-time columns. Also verify that the back-end database is configured to match.

The MySQL table was created using the MySQL script at

The table columns are StartTime (datetime) and EndTime (datetime).

onDialogInitialize has dim e._state.separate_date_times set false

Is the above as required?

After further experimentation, it appears your theory is correct.

Thank you.

Jim Coltz:
I am happy to hear you have it sorted out.


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