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June 21, 2021, 05:30:50 pm

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Member Introductions / Low-Code Advocate / New to Alp...
Last post by kvnlwlls - January 23, 2021, 09:43:13 pm
Looking forward to getting up to speed, and working within the Alpha low-code IDE.

Mobile and Browser Applications / Re: Internal Server Error
Last post by r.gamble@morrow.com - November 16, 2020, 05:47:10 am
I thought I'd follow this up real quick. After working with Alpha support for a couple days, they sent me some specific, temporary hotfixes to find out where the problem was happening. They weren't able to reproduce the problem but were able to track down the location in my code that was causing the issue. It turned out that Alpha itself was having trouble with the size of an onclick event for a checkbox control. Apparently, the size was around 4K. Their suggestion was that I put the code into a function and then just call the function in the onclick.

I have since gone with their suggestion, but initially, I went into the onclick code and removed blank lines, comments and a couple console.log calls. This cut the code in about half. As soon as I published those changes, it started working right and has been fine. Just to be safe, I created the function and call it from the onclick code. Both solutions worked.

The gentleman I worked with was Terry Smith and I was very happy with his work on this.
Mobile and Browser Applications / Internal Server Error
Last post by r.gamble@morrow.com - October 27, 2020, 07:13:13 am
Hello -

I'm wondering if anyone can tell me anything they've experienced with an Internal Error 500 referring to  the script error in CompileStringTemplate() line:16.

We are getting this error sporadically in a single grid component. Usually if we close the error page and reopen, it is successful. It appears to be coming from the Alpha code but I'm assuming I'm doing something in my XBasic that is triggering it. By the way, we are using Alpha integrate with IIS.

It seems to be getting through all my startup code like OnGridInitialize, onSQLCountQuery, onSQLSelectQuery, etc as I've put logging throughout.

I've enabled Request Failed Tracing in IIS and when the problem occurs, it logs a whole bunch of "The specified network name is no longer available" errors I've attached an image on the error and the Request Failed Trace log in case it helps at all.

Very difficult to trace this problem to anything specific in XBasic...

Thanks for any help there may be on this
Mobile and Browser Applications / Re: Need Some Creative Assista...
Last post by mumfie - February 28, 2020, 09:08:00 am
maybe request a combination of zip code, 4 digit date/time related random code and limit the maximum number of retries.
Member Introductions / Rob Polley - Norwalk, CT
Last post by robpolley@gmail.com - February 18, 2020, 01:38:48 pm
I use Alpha to run my swim lesson business.

Member Introductions / Re: Rick Polito from Sydney Au...
Last post by rickp@axsapt.com.au - February 16, 2020, 01:58:56 pm
Spot on! I've attended a couple of webinars but it's hard to get up that early after a Friday night :-)
Member Introductions / Re: Rick Polito from Sydney Au...
Last post by Steve Wood - February 14, 2020, 01:41:19 am
Oh, now you've got to come to an IADN webinar to showcase. But I know that means I have to also bring the webinar to a timezone near you as a trade.
Member Introductions / Re: Rick Polito from Sydney Au...
Last post by rickp@axsapt.com.au - February 13, 2020, 09:46:01 pm
Quote from: Steve Wood on February 13, 2020, 08:13:18 pmAre those mobile apps written on Alpha?

Yes all are 100% Alpha. Steve if you'd like a full login to the Openground App so you can see all the available meditations, send me a private email.
Member Introductions / Re: Rick Polito from Sydney Au...
Last post by Steve Wood - February 13, 2020, 08:13:18 pm

First "we" are working on getting a lower entry point for Alpha and I will include your idea for smaller connection applications.

So, this may shock others, maybe not, but (referencing your Mindfulness App) I hang out with people in that profession - trainers, conscious dance, and so on,, here in the San Francisco Bay Area. I will show your application to a few of them after I get to know it better. Are those mobile apps written on Alpha?
Member Introductions / Rick Polito from Sydney Austra...
Last post by rickp@axsapt.com.au - February 13, 2020, 03:38:21 pm
Hi Everyone.

Firstly thanks Steve for setting up this forum. It's been very useful for me as an Alpha newbie.

I got involved with Alpha when I attended the Boston 2014 annual conference (the one with the Elephant in the room). It was a slow start and it was difficult to get our full time developer on board (he loves programming in C# and would prefer to write an operating system rather than boring business systems) so I prototyped and he completed Openground Mindfulness Training, our first Alpha iOS/Android app in 2016. This app is quite successful for our customer but not for us financially as we didn't think of charging for the number of users which is now over 1,000.

We then developed an iPad Alpha app (not published) for a USA Medical Products Subsidiary, which helped them secure a multi-million dollar tender in Australia. This was also a fixed price contract for us.

Our third Alpha app was for an Australian Office Plant Hire company in 2018 also privately published. Our in house developer was busy working on another project so this was the first complete Alpha app I developed. It's is still in use and our customer is very happy with the productivity gains from it.

Last year, we secured another plant hire company contract and again our developer was too busy, so I developed it mostly after hours and on weekends over a few months. This time we published it on the AppStore and PlayStore and charged a substantial build charge and a per device license which is awesome as they now have 60+ devices and the company is expanding rapidly.

BTW Apple don't like publishing specific company apps, like this Frenchams Service App and try and get you to publish these on their corporate AppStore. After a few weeks trialing the corporate AppStore without much success, they thankfully relented and released that app on the general AppStore.

Our goal for this year is to develop low cost general purpose wider reaching business apps. Our first is a Fixed Assets Management Alpha App developed as a multi-tenanted app sharing the one Alpha Server.

Our C# developer has also taken an Expense Alpha App my business partner protyped and modified it so it uses a custom developed REST server on our license server and another on the clients' web servers to post transactions back to their accounting SQL databases. I wasn't too keen on that project as has been very costly to develop and maintain and I'd rather use the Alpha Server on all our apps.

It's a shame that Alpha doesn't seem to have a lower cost Alpha Server model (e.g. up to 20 concurrent connections) that would make it more affordable for some of our smaller clients. Is this something that interests other IADN members?

BTW I'd love to connect to other Alpha Developers in Australia and New Zealand to share ideas and work opportunities.

Here are our current public apps on the stores:

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