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May 10, 2021, 03:52:50 pm

Welcome to your Forum!!

Started by Steve Wood, February 10, 2020, 05:20:14 pm

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Steve Wood

February 10, 2020, 05:20:14 pm #1 Last Edit: February 12, 2020, 05:29:55 pm by Steve Wood
This Forum is provided by IADN as a resource to discuss Software Development, Business, Design, Methods, Technology, etc.

This forum is not intended to be a replacement for the Alpha Software Message Board; you should take your more technical questions to that forum. Instead, IADN is dedicated to the success and happiness of you, the software developer. And so our Forum categories are about the business of software development and our technical categories are purposely broad-based.

Please make good use of this forum and be sure to post any ideas in our Forum Ideas topic.
Steve Wood